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Frank Jacobs; a retired Military Man, serving over 20 years in the US Navy. He than began a career as a Millwright and a Specialty Welder.

Frank started making knives for his own use on the job. He then began making them for co-workers and friends.

Wanting to enhance the appearance of his knives, yet keep them affordable he began selecting and processing his own wood for handle material. Soon he was providing handle material for other local makers. He purchased some Mosaic Pins to further enhance the appearance of his knives. Being extremely disappointed when he found that there were a number of voids in the pins and they would not stand up to the heat generated when shaping the handle. Frank took up the challenge to perfect a method that would assure a near 100% fill and not loosen up when worked.

After walking around a few knife shows with a piece or two of wood and a few Mosaic Pins in his hand, he began to take orders. He now supply many of the major Custom Knifemakers. Frank states; “My goal is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. As long as I can continue to do this I will.

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